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By on December 28, 2018
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India needs a shift in mindset for voters to elect leaders who will do what is in the country’s best interest

The festive season began with the Diwali in November and are on the verge of entering the Christmas season. Life itself is a celebration; provided we know how to celebrate it. These days, the Supreme Court is required to restrict the bursting of fire crackers.  

Perhaps, in a country like ours, such directions are required as we have scant regard for the welfare and concern of  neighbours. There are children studying, old or sick people or those who  peacefully enjoy their  sleep.

Bursting crackers all night is bound to disturb people. If we were aware that bursting  crackers should not disturb someone else, perhaps the Supreme Court would not have been required to intervene.

Our whole mindset is of upmanship. To start with, we have a corrupt bureaucracy followed by corrupt politicians; many of whom are illiterate and unfit for skilled employment.

Not all politicians can be put in the same basket. There are some who are highly efficient,  others who have great integrity and yet others who are principled persons with high standing and actually intend to give good governance to India.

However, all this is overwhelmed by the corrupt few  out to loot the country and the state exchequer.

It is unfortunate that in India, on account of poverty and illiteracy, the same faces are voted  to power because they heavily bribe voters. The Indian voter must be educated to understand what is in their interest and the interest of the state and country.

Almost all of us have had certain life shaping experiences - reading a book, watching a movie or listening to a story can take us through such experiences.

Traumatic experiences  can also break us down and cause devastation. Today, a certain amount of destruction of the harmonious relationship between  humans and nature has surfaced.

The world is full of different kinds of people, many of whom are yet to realise the importance of discipline. There are of course those who, apart from having  great discipline, have contributed to and made a difference to someone else’s life. There is an old saying that life comes full circle. It does, but it  takes  time.

We have  commercialised our  lives so much  that we have hardly any time for ourselves. We feed our bodies  processed food, we have no time for exercise and we have certain attitudes that in turn create realities.

Despite all this, there are certain dew drops, honey drops and lemon drops, which convey vitality and vigor, teaching us the varying essence of holistic wellbeing.

We cannot always  imitate  great souls. Merely studying them and imbibing their principles will take us on the path of progress with a lightning speed.

In this world, Love, Truth and Purpose are the only three things that matter.

Observe nature. When was the last time that you star gazed?

When is the last time you observed the ocean and its waves? We no longer have  time for such activities. But we have enough time to indulge in unnecessary gossip, circulating rumours.

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