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Be the architect of your own destiny

By on February 09, 2017
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Be the architect of your own destiny

Only you have the power to change the course of your life and attain perfect bliss through meditation

In the legal context and profession, spirituality plays an important role. The physicality of the body is indeed deeply connected to our life line. Various concepts in the spiritual realm such as meditation, energy, silence and solitude are all interconnected and inextricably interlinked.

One needs to experience something more than physicality. To achieve this, he needs a different life line or to get into a different circle. If you have the impression that someone from some galaxy or earth would come and change your mindset and get you a new life line, you are mistaken.

There is no outside element, much less a person, who can influence your life. We are the architects of our own life, of its making and of our destiny. It is sheer rubbish to think that either a guru or God would come and change the course of our life.

If there is one person who can change the course of your life, have a look in the mirror. Everything depends upon your own self – and you and you alone, and it is in this context that some of the old adwaha philosophers  speak of ‘aham bramhasmi’ meaning ‘I am that’.

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