Actors Contribute to Prism Foundation

By on January 15, 2015
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Prism Foundation, Pune, is an art based therapy school with a burning desire, to broaden the horizons of children with special needs.

The school invites actors to help, learn, play and teach creative skills to their students. Actors work with the students for two months. During that time they have to also understand the potential of each student in their group. At the end, they put up a performances.

One play was an innocent jungle story tailored for the children and a compilation of acting pieces done for just the faculty.  


Among the plays put up, one performance stood out. The actor performed a poem written by a child from his the school. The piece began with the actor in a chair struggling to communicate a  poem that was timed to a piece of ambient music. As the music swells the movements slowly became fluid and turned to dance and the communication became clearer. The piece ended with clapps and mumbling in the crowd who whispered, "that was cerebral palsy." At no point in the performance did the actor state the disability he was portraying. It was truly an honest performance by actor Miles Lobo who later said I quote, “ To be completely honest, I was very intimidated when I heard of this offer, right until I stepped into the school. It was the welcoming attitude and their smiling faces, of the children that won me over. In my time with these special children, I could not help but observe their motivation, intelligence and behaviour which in turn has helped me so much. I thank the foundation for giving me this opportunity. This drove me to just give it my best.”


Although the children were part of the act and knew their roles, it gave them so much confidence and self esteem. The Foundation has done well in inviting young enthusiastic actors to train these children take on challenges of the future.

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