Cost of Multitasking

By on September 06, 2019
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Living in a fast-paced world means juggling several things at the same time. But do we realise what we lose out on?

We live in such a fast-paced world that we are forced to be in a perpetual haste to keep up. In many cases, living like this with hardly time for effective breathing is seen as a sign of professional and social success.

Similarly, we multi-task without realising that we cannot chase two rabbits at the same time as chances are we will catch neither. But if we are focused on just one thing, we are better off chasing and achieving our target. When we multi-task, we are unable to focus on any one of these things. We may never become a master but may become a jack of all trades. We even forget that stress holds us back from realising our potential. In the process, our mind and body are affected and all this blocks the free flow of creative energy within us.

We must ask ourselves whether we desire such a life or a stress-free, happy one? We must make the most of our life and live without stress. Most yoga practitioners with ashrams across India teach how to live happily and put the basic emphasis on breathing.

Hamsa is the eternal mantra of breathing. The breathe-in breathe-out technique teaches us that we come into this world with the first breath and depart with the last. If we wish to realise bliss, we must learn the art of breathing with spiritual practices.

Breathing exercises have been known to the whole world. In western culture, think of the Christian Spiritual Retreat exercises. Life means breath and breath means life. When you inhale, you take energy to yourself and when you exhale, you let out the toxic, stress, worries and struggle. Even simply observing one’s breath is an excellent form of meditation which can help manage stress.

Gurus around the world teach various breathing techniques that stem from the Yogic tradition. Spirituality is the essence of life. We are on this divine Earth for a divine purpose. If we remember this, we will not indulge in cheap talk about others or spread rumours. This is done by those with nothing else to do and are a complete disgrace to themselves as well as human value and dignity.

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