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By on September 13, 2020
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Your thoughts define who you are and the strength you hold within

In these unusual times, many of us seek to live under the protection of God. Even the rich and powerful, those virtually presiding over nations, seek to stay in the shadow of God who is the most complacent, most merciful and omnipotent in this universe.

We claim him to be our fortress and the only way we can save ourselves from deadly diseases and secret traps. We must not forget that God’s peace is not the calm after the storm. At times, we possess everything within us but still look outside. We want God to do everything for us. When we face problems, we want him to solve them instead of solving it ourselves. Little do we realise that problems indeed make us stronger.

God’s design in the  universe deserves great understanding. Look at the beauty of nature, of the reproductive cycle of creatures. This is all a part of God’s cycle.

Certain people and situations bring about circumstances that can make us fall apart. Our strength lies in keeping everything together, contrary to their expectation.

Time does not change people, but it does reveal their real faces. People come into our lives as lessons or blessings. Those who backstab us leave by teaching us a lesson. We may have learnt it the hard way, but we must thank and pray for them for teaching us a valuable lesson. I have had many such encounters. God bless them all with spiritual progress.

We need to understand our purpose in life. What if I told you it would be in tying your father’s shoe laces, by saving a dog from an accident, reuniting a lost child with its parents or saving a young couple from harm. Would you take it literally? If you do so, then you are equating your life’s purpose with a goal-based achievement.

But the universe isn’t interested in your achievements, just your heart and actions. If you choose to act out of compassion or kindness and love, you are already aligned with your true purpose. This, by itself, creates a placebo effect and we know we have the ability to heal ourselves and others.

Our thoughts are powerful. There is a divinity that acts with infrasonic powers which are enough to bring anything into existence. If the blessings of this trinity radiate through our hands and heart, and if we have the strength and ability to assimilate these blessings, we will begin to absorb universal secrets. In today’s world, we have the ability to talk about anything. What we actually need is the courage to sit down in peace and listen so that we can understand and practice.

We have people who claim to be doctor of laws by simply reading a bare Act. Such people who think by an inch and speak by the yard often get kicked by the foot. When it comes to universal knowledge, our degrees are nothing but a piece of paper, and the real proof is seen from our character. We do not truly honour ourselves; but think of what others’ opinions of us might be. In fact, no matter how nice, kind, caring and loving you are, it isn’t enough for others.


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