By on October 16, 2020
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Dr EDWIN GOMES has been relentlessly leading the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic. As a frontline warrior, the optimistic department head of Medicine at Goa Medical College (GMC) and nodal officer at Goa’s lone COVID treatment facility at ESI Hospital, Margao, takes us behind closed doors into the battlefield and gives us an insight into the challenge we are facing

Panaji-based physician Dr Edwin Gomes set out on a path that was riddled with hardships; many stumbling blocks determined to bring
him down. Even so, what makes his journey beautiful is that he never gave
up on himself or his principles. The eldest of three brothers, Dr Gomes followed his mother’s wish for him to pursue medicine. He completed
his MBBS from the Goa Medical College (GMC) & Hospital and a masters in Medicine and Therapeutics from Bombay University.
For a brief time, Dr Gomes had a private practice at Ribandar where he
treated patients for a minimal fee. He says the experience was enlightening
and introspective simply because he built a connection with his patients who would often bring him home-cooked delicacies as a token of gratitude. His hand-written prescriptions would be printed and plastered on the counters
of the local pharmacy because unlike most doctors, Dr Gomes has surprisingly neat handwriting. His love for teaching landed him the post of head of the Department of Medicine at GMC, Bambolim, with a goal
to set up a full-fledged geriatric ward and special syllabus at the college.
All was well until another challenge was put his way – leading the team as
nodal officer at Goa’s only COVID facility at ESI Hospital, Margao.
The pandemic is a mystery unfolding at a snail’s pace for healthcare
professionals across the globe. Taking on the ultimate responsibility of
spearheading the treatment of Goa’s COVID patients was no child’s play.
Nevertheless, for Dr Gomes, it was his duty; something he loved doing.
With strict protocols put together after careful deliberations to ensure safety
of the staff, Dr Gomes and his team of doctors have been working tirelessly
– including fighting infection from the disease themselves – to give Goa
the best possible healthcare in these dire times. 
VIVA GOA caught up with the ‘no-cape-but-stethoscope-bearing’ Dr Edwin Gomes.  

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