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As we celebrate our fourth anniversary, VIVA GOA asks people from different strata of society what they hope for our state this year

Retired Judge of the High Court of Bombay

1. Better judicial infrastructure: The Judiciary should get better infrastructure, and the Bench and Bar should be motivated to render speedy justice in a congenial atmosphere 
2. No corruption: I hope Corruption is weeded out and Goa remains green with the formation of more genuine non-government organisations to take up environmental and other issues affecting the public.
3. Retire the ‘susegado’ tag: Goans need to get rid of the ‘susegado’ tag at the earliest. Even five decades after Goa’s Liberation, Goans by and large have not been able to get rid of this tag and are therefore unable to compete with the rest of India on the commercial and industrial front.
4. More jobs: Job opportunities should be created in Goa for young Goan
professionals. Lack of such opportunities compels them to migrate to other states resulting in a brain drain.

President of Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, & CMD of NRB Group

1. Environment Protection: Almost every developmental activity has been carried out in such an irresponsible and haphazard manner that it has caused immense environmental degradation. The current ban on mining has adversely affected the entire socio-economic development of the state. We need to use this adversity to pause, think and take appropriate measures to prevent any further damage so that we can make Goa a better place.
2. Sustainable employment and business opportunities for Goans: We need to bring back educated youth to agriculture by supporting agro-based entrepreneurship. Goa has the potential to emerge as a manufacturing hub. With a planned approach, improvement in basic infrastructure, uninterrupted power and water supply and a transparent administration, we can invite suitable industries to provide better jobs and other business opportunities for our youth. The services sector, which mostly comprises tourism-related services, is a major contributor to the state gross domestic product and we are currently mainly focused on beach tourism. I hope the government adopts a planned approach for developing hinterland tourism with a focus on culture, adventure and ecotourism, which can generate new avenues for employment and entrepreneurship. 
3. Changed attitude: I hope our negative mindset towards activities like casinos and mining changes. Mines have been integral to the economic development of countries like the US, Australia, South Africa and other African countries. Since when has it become a sin to harness natural resources? 
4. Hard work: Ambitious, educated and hard working young people have to emerge from this generation. Our ‘susegado’ nature has no place in today’s global economy. ‘Play hard, work harder’ is the mantra I would like to see young Goans chanting in the years ahead. This spirit will see our tourism bloom, our service industries flower, revitalise our factories and make us competitive in the world economy.

Vice Chancellor, Goa University & Former Director of National Institute of Oceanography

1. Education for all: Every student joining the Goan school system should successfully complete higher secondary school certificate examination.
2. Employment: Every student who completes the Goan education system at the school or university level will have full confidence that his or her expertise and/or skills are needed either locally, nationally or internationally, and employment for him or her is not in doubt. 
3. Entrepreneurship: Goa should soon be known for its entrepreneurs.
4. Civic sense: Goans should develop a strong sense of civic discipline that will show in vehicular traffic, public markets, large gatherings, etc.

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