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As Pablo Picasso said, ‘All children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.’ The CARPE DIEM ART & LEARNING CENTRE, Majorda offers children and adults opportunities to get in touch with their artistic side and keep their creative flame alive

As children, we all have some creative streak that served as a medium of expression, whether in music, art or words. While some are fortunate to discover and nurture this as their calling in life, for others, it eventually gets overlooked in favour of scoring the highest marks at school / college or landing the next promotion at your job. 
The beautiful thing about getting in touch with your creative side is that it’s never too late to get out there and seize the day, which is what Carpe Diem is all about. “The concept behind Carpe Diem was to create a space where you can explore your creativity; a place to discover what others are doing with their dreams; a launch pad to embark on a new journey of your own,” says Carpe Diem director Daegal Godinho.

The phrase ‘carpe diem’, which was made popular by poets such as Horace and Ovid as well as Hollywood films such as Dead Poet’s Society and Seize the Day is just what this art and learning centre stands for. Carpe Diem, which is located in a 260-year-old ancestral house in Majorda, South Goa offers space for creative workshops and performances. 

It first started out as a heritage home converted into an art gallery, but has since branched out into other activities. “We are being recognised as an art centre as well as a gallery. Besides the exhibitions, we also conduct regular workshops that are being recognised and appreciated by people primarily in the south of Goa, making the place a growing hub for the arts in the South,” says Godinho.

To keep the buzz going and the interest level high, Godinho ensures that there isn’t a long ‘quiet’ period with no activities. The success of recent exhibitions has increased the interest shown by local artists and has Godinho optimistic that there will be more local art going on display in the near future. 

He adds, “As far as workshops go, some of the resource people who have organised them in the past have been willing to do more of the same with newer twists each time to keep the participants coming. We also look at areas we haven’t focused on before, like music or pottery and then these have become higher priorities in our selection of events and resource people. We also factor in requests from participants on what workshops they would be keen on attending.”

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