The 12 Inspirations for Jewellery

By on October 14, 2014
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Trends are innovations born from sensing even the faintest wish in the market. It is also about being inspired by powerful styles and images that have evolved through the ages. VIKRAM RAIZADA says that in India, it is de rigueur for jewellery designers to create new trends by taking inspiration from 12 leitmotifs

Indian jewellery is celebrated the world over because it is rooted in earthy beauty. Its motifs, strung together into beautiful verses by the quintessential Indian designer, are guided by lyrical geometry and find their inspiration in mythology, celestial beings and poetic forms of nature. From the tender leaf to the majestic elephant, it is such themes that are particularly evident in designs that have evolved over 5,000 years into an intricate tapestry of legendary leitmotifs. 

Today, even as we are deluged with influences from across the globe, it is this tapestry — a fusion of tradition, modernism, royalty and history — that remains an anchor for jewellery designers. They delve into it for inspiration and then innovate to establish a new trend. So, a trend is not about diamonds, gems or precious metals; it is first about sensing what people want in the changing times and then creating a dream and selling the vision. Inspiration being the keystone, it is worthwhile to understand the significance of the 12 inspirations that are popular in Indian jewellery design.

Conch or Shankha:
The shankha or shell is a marvel of nature. Elegant, feminine and strong, it protects the humble snail with its incredible natural formation. It is also regarded as sacred and its geometry is believed to generate remarkable energy and signify wealth, success, peace of mind and health. 

Drawing inspiration from the conch, abstract designs, cameos, layered jewellery and traditional wedding bangles have been a big hit, especially in east India. 

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