Maia D'souza, Bright mind

By on July 21, 2016
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This student of Sharada Mandir High School scored 97.8 per cent in the 2016 ICSE exams, making her the school topper and a recipient of the Sharada Mandir Trust gold medal. Maia believes that understanding her topics and clearing queries are the secret to her scores

Your strategy for the ICSE (Std 10) exams…
I studied for shorter periods and spent time doing what I enjoy. I took breaks in between studying, which helped me focus when I studied. I always cleared doubts with my teachers and spent time understanding the topics, rather than learning things by heart.

Balancing studies and free time…
Due to the hype around ‘studying hard’ for these exams, I created time for myself to relax and unwind. I don’t believe in studying all the time, but rather in balancing studies with free time. That way, when I did study, I was totally focused.

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