Sweet art

By on December 20, 2013
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Sweet art

Just when you thought cakes couldn’t get better, Goa gets introduced to the world of three-dimensional theme cakes by local confectioners who offer goodies that look as spectacular as they taste

here could not possibly be anything better than melting into the moistness of a soft cake, feeling its aromatic flavours make their way across your mouth until its smooth silkiness begs you take another bite. It’s the perfect comfort food, the gift you can’t go wrong with. But, what if it could give you something more, something that says ‘this was made just for you’?

Theme cakes aren’t your run-of-the-mill whipped-up-on-a-Sunday-afternoon kind of cake. They take time, thought, a large helping of patience and precision, and a heavy slathering of creativity. “It’s easy to walk into a shop and buy a regular cake for someone,” said Gayle D’Souza, a young entrepreneur from Porvorim who makes theme cakes. “It takes more time, thought, love and money to sit and discuss ideas when it comes to a themed cake. People no longer want just any cake; they want the kind that makes a statement and at the end of the day, makes the recipient happy.”

Not too long ago, we were all quite happy in our five-star cake worlds, leaving edible buildings, sugar-laced shoes, creamy castles and even rice crispy globes to television programmes with names like Fabulous Cakes. Now we can have all that and more, here in Goa. A number of bakers have decided that making regular cakes isn’t challenging enough.

They want space for their creativity and talent, and with an increasing number of customers getting wild ideas,
there’s now a market that didn’t show itself before.

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