By on February 16, 2015
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India’s renowned spiritual artist and mystic UDAYRAJ GADNIS alias SADHAK SHIVANAND SARASWATI lives and paints in London and Mumbai, but has held on to his roots in Goa through the Adhyatmic Gurukulam in Karmali near Old Goa

Udayraj Gadnis is leading the jet set life. Within a couple of hours of landing in Mumbai from London, he is meeting the New York Times editor for a tête-à-tête at the other end of the city before heading off for another interview. His attire – white dhoti, white kurta and a colourful stole – attracts attention from many in the lobby despite his ‘no fuss’ attitude.
On the way to Banganga lake in Walkeshwar in South Mumbai, he breaks his silence and says, “This place inspired me at the age of 10 to build my gurukulum in Old Goa.” In 30 minutes, on the banks of a placid lake, he discusses 25 years of his career. 
You have painted different faiths in the past 25 years – Hinduism, Jainism, Sufism, Buddhism, Zoroastrism, Judaism, Catholicism and the Zen dimension. You have changed your attire and lifestyle quite often and you call yourself a sadhak. This sounds like more than one person! Who are you really?
Despite all the peripheral changing forms that you see, the essence has always remained and will remain spiritualism – both in myself and my art. In any case, all ‘-isms’ are the same; they are different forms of the same matter. Water from the sky is rain, water flowing on earth is the river, water held is a lake, but in all the changing forms the essence is H2O!

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