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By on September 10, 2015
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Simply Intelligent Designs (SID) International keeps quality and innovation static as it quickly expands its dynamic business

Products comprise more than just what they are by themselves. Eating biscuits does not involve only squares of edible goodness but also easy-to-open foil wrappers; drinking water isn’t simply gulping down a refreshing liquid but also opening a tamper-proof cap and using a recyclable bottle.

Simply Intelligent Designs (SID) International, based in Verna Industrial Estate, is all about those extraneous elements that no one gives a second thought about, but which make the experience so much better. From manufacturing injection mouldings, blow mouldings, PET preforms and tamper-proof caps, it has made its mark silently in the country.

Together with Chairman Johannes Lubbers, Managing Director David De Souza is working to change the way businesses are run in Goa and expand the company’s horizons. It has diversified into manufacturing, packaging and marketing all types of food and beverages with top-notch innovative quality as its only motto.

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