Ramayana through the Looking Glass

By on December 24, 2015
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Spiritual seeker and motivational speaker of Goan origin Shubha Vilas’ new book Ramayana: The Game of Life balances the narrative story of Rama and Sita with the philosophical teachings of the Vedic epic

Have you ever wondered about the relevance of epics in our modern goal-oriented lifestyles? If yes, then Ramayana – The Game of Life, is a series that will gracefully remedy your doubts with faith and guidance. It is the latest authentic rendition of the Ramayana and is the sort of narrative every book lover craves, yet carries a gentle revelation of the Ramayana’s wisdom at every turn of its story.

The book is peppered with interesting concepts. ‘Pause to think’ is one piece of advice from the characters of Ramayana. Dasaratha was overconfident about his abilities to satisfy any of Keikeyi’s desires. He made her a promise without considering the consequences.

Nor did he consult anyone before making the vows. For momentary pleasures,he accepted a lifetime of misery. Had he paused to think, paused for guided decision making, all round misery could have been prevented.
It’s all summed up in another stunner of a line.

“The decision to make decisions has to be made in moments of strength, not in moments of weakness”
These and many such poignant insights can be found in Ramayana – The Game of Life, the latest best seller on Ramayana by Jaico Books. The first two volumes have hit the stores in a big way.

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