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The Village of Fragrant Flowers

By on April 15, 2016
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The Village of Fragrant Flowers

Sarvan in Bicholim taluka, named after aromatic flora, is well-known for its traditional folk dance called Morulo performed during Shigmo. The artistes have travelled across the nation following their love for dancing

Pointing out to an evergreen tree found in abundance in the village of Sarvan in Bicholim, Dattaram Chandrakant Sawant said, “Our village got its name from this Surang tree. It produces dainty, fragrant flowers which the women weave and wear in their hair.”

So the van (forest) of Surang trees was naturally known as Surang Van, which then became Sur Van and eventually Sarvan. The village is well known for a peculiar folk dance performed by the men during Shigmo. This dance, called Morulo, is named after peacocks and has almost become an identity of the village.

Sawant elucidates, “At a place called Rai near the Sateri temple, there is a fertile rice field that was regularly cultivated. When the grain was ready for harvest, many peacocks would descend upon the fields to feast upon the grain. To prevent this menace, the villagers would gather at the temple. To while away the time during the watch, they began to sing and dance. They picked their steps from the graceful movements of the mor (peacocks), so the dance came to be known as Morulo. In due course, the dance entered the cultural tradition of the village and was performed during Shigmo.”

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