Dying Demand for Barrels

By on July 28, 2015
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Casks, which lent a distinct flavour to feni and aided its maturation, are no longer used as distillers move to easily-available but toxic plastic containers. Barrel maker Ramakant Chari is one of the last coopers in Goa

Is cashew feni being matured in casks in Goa? Earlier this year, I came across three huge barrels lying outside a distillery in Sarvan village in Bicholim taluka. The owner of the distillery, who had around 10 distilling units running simultaneously, did not like to be disturbed form his busy work schedule. But my persistence paid off and he briefly came over.

He explained, “I distill a large quantity of feni and hence I need huge containers to store them. These barrels serve the purpose just fine,” stating that the barrels were made in Goa. He added, “They were made right here
25 years ago.”

I wondered whether the barrel maker was still around. He replied, “Oh yes, he lives in the next village.” Then pointing to a leak in one of the barrels, he remarked, “I had summoned him to repair that barrel. I’m expecting him to come here any moment.”

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