Science of Miracles

By on October 12, 2016
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Swami Vishnuddhanandjee had mastery over all the sciences and offered certain principles to attain pure existence

On the side lines of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) Conference to be held in Goa, it would only be fitting that the countries each take a look at their own wealth of heritage and abundant natural resources. In the recently held BRICS Legal Conference in New Delhi, various dignitaries at the inaugural ceremony highlighted the beautiful state and aspects of their countries.

India has been known to have a rich heritage of its inscrutable mystery with an inexhaustible variety, which will certainly inspire and fascinate everyone. Indeed, the pictures of 153 saints in India readily available on Google with their calmingly unscientific and illogical miracles, including those of Shri Vishnuddhanand Paramahansa, would leave students of physical science aghast.

None of this was a performance by an imposter, but genuine miracles based on the science called Surya Vijnan, one of the best among natural sciences called Solar Science and based on certain principles of physics and metaphysics. Many western scientists, tourists and journalists have had an occasion to witness such miraculous creations and many have published their experiences in foreign journals.

Swami Vishnuddhanandjee, or Baba, shunned fruitless gossip but preferred a compassionate generous heart. His disposition displayed indifference to sin instead of hate and repulsion. It would be of great interest to read certain books including ‘In Search of Secret India’ by Dr Paul Brandon.

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