Enduring Inner Peace

By on July 20, 2016
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The choice of attaining peace or self-destruction lasts in one’s own hands. Understanding your inner self and being oblivious to the world around is the solution to everything in life

One of the greatest philosophers our country ever produced was Rajneesh Osho, whose ideas were adopted by many, counted by few and yet others admired his oratory. Osho wrote books and gave speeches. Some of his books and commentaries on treatises including Vedic texts are outstanding. One of his well-known books is Bharava Tantra, written in six volumes, depicting the various aspects of life.

He published several other books, one called Darshan Diary, which has pieces of invaluable advice and guidance he gave in his Pune and Oreun ashram in the late 70s.

If any philosopher has explained Vedic text, the Puranas and mystical text in a very easy-to-understand, rational, realistic and intelligent manner, it was Osho. Some of his meditation tips are amazing. He believed in simply sitting in one place and silently being there. All he said was one has to be alert and watchful, enjoy the field one goes into and this process amounts to meditation. This essentially is a matter of attitude, and ultimately if a person does this, there is no doubt about his transformation.

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