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Dealing with Provocation

By on October 12, 2016
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Dealing with Provocation

Every human has a hot button that is carefully concealed from the world. However careful one may be, every once in a while someone does manage to press the hot button. How does one react when that happens? And instead of pressing the button, what happens when someone hammers it?

When provoked, most humans react either like a hagfish by throwing slimy abusive words or like an electric eel by stinging with physical abuse. Or like an exploding ant by destroying itself by self-abuse.

In the Bhagavata Puran, there is a story of king named Muchukunda who was so great that he was invited by the demigods to lead wars on their behalf. Later he was blessed with a boon of unlimited sleep to rest his tired limbs. While he was asleep, Krishna tricked a demon named Kalayavana to come into the cave and provoke him by kicking him hard. As soon as he was kicked, Muchukunda woke up and burnt the demon to ashes instantly by his yogic powers. Once the anger subsided, guilt of over-reacting took over. Through this episode, Krishna teaches Muchukunda that the ability to handle provocation is the real greatness-tester. One’s façade of greatness falls at the first test of provocation.

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