A Walk To Remember

By on July 20, 2016
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Not one for the outdoors, corporate honcho Sonia Kuncalienker discovers a new love for trekking on her first organised walk in the Himalayas from Manali to Deo Tibba and back

I am not an outdoorsy person, and being married to such a type has successfully never created any great feelings of the outdoors for me. So when I was first told by the hubby that he is off (yet again) to the mountains for a trek, I was very happy. For him. When I spoke to organiser and friend Manoj Joshi to firm up the plan, he understood it to be plans for the entire family. I was not so happy. For me. A few weeks later, when the hubby’s plans were shaky because of other commitments, I was not happy – for him. I believed that the trip was off. I was very happy – for me. However, the plans eventually worked out and the hubby decided to join us somewhere in between. My happiness and my sadness had coincided. And on such a note, did my trekking preparations begin.
Half uncertain, half cautious, we set out. The children and I would be with a group of complete strangers in a strange locale, possibly in challenging situations. After a lot of agonising, we purchased the requisite clothing. I packed and repacked to reach the ‘optimum’ weight of the rucksack, this after choosing and dismissing a couple of rucksacks. Everything was selected, dismissed, went through discussions and finally chosen. Now, there was no looking back!

The Hamta Circular trek started from the Youth Hostels Association of India Base Camp (15 Miles), Manali. The initial two days are to acclimatise yourself to the cold, the altitude and your group mates. It also gives you an idea of sleeping in tents, eating whatever is available, and drinking lots of water, as well as prepares you for the actual trek days and nights. This also includes acclimatisation exercises and walks to understand the upcoming trek. It is only after a few days of walking that one realises that nothing can actually prepare you for the trek.

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