7 Fortune Tips as the Monsoons Hit

By on June 08, 2017
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June and July are about expanding your horizons and facing them with optimism

There are 7 messages from the cards for June and July. If you had an action-packed May, know that you were not the only one. May was high on yang energy – a high dose of doing, a lot of action especially related to property and work. High energy, high action and some high ups and downs characterised last month. The action and adventure will continue for some time but it will be a more mellow and stable energy. 

1 Come June and the world is your oyster! You will expand your horizons and there is high potential during this time to encompass broader life experiences. There is an opportunity to travel and a great adventure is waiting around the corner. Press all your enthusiasm buttons during this time. It is the right time to be upbeat and for opportunity to serve ambition. Put on your walking shoes and stride ahead to your own great adventure. 

2 Mid-June and you will be faced with an important dilemma. You may feel blindsided and uncertain of which way to go. Even though you may feel that you have boxed yourself into a corner, there is a way out. The solution is simply to deal with the situation in the most direct yet tactful manner possible and face your choice with inner strength. It is time to be honest with yourself and others in order to be free of the burden of fear or guilt that is implied with the Eight of Swords. Speak up, speak your truth and it will be heard. 

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