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Practical Wisdom

By on November 20, 2017
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Practical Wisdom

One can choose to be wracked by fear and anxiety, which will adversely affect our work, or bravely face with it

In whatever we do, we can choose to follow the path of abundance or scarcity. Every human being has a choice either to be a part of the universe of abundance or the one of scarcity. Both these worlds are antonyms and therefore, if we choose one then automatically we avoid the other. If we decide to walk on the path of abundance then we prevent scarcity from coming to us in any way. All this is because of conscious choice. 
Similarly in life, we have a choice while undergoing anxious moments. All we know is we are ridden with anxiety, sometimes out of fear, at times by worrying about failure. School students answering public examinations in Classes 10 and 12 sometimes go through nightmares and do not sleep peacefully. The fear of examination and their performance gives them sleepless nights. There is complete nervousness in the air and every time someone wishes them well, there is more anxiety and nervousness. Some have pangs of hunger as well as butterflies in their stomach, some even tremble. Sometimes when you are going to the examination, some students who claim to understand everything ask you questions, but out of fear, anxiety and nervousness, you simply fumble.
This is not the case for only students. In my experience as a lawyer, and in conducting matters before various courts, I have seen several lawyers fumble when the judges ask one or two questions which they are not very comfortable in answering. The judges mostly have genuine inquiries to satisfy their conscience, for it is they who deliver the judgment. I have seen some of these lawyers who are otherwise well prepared and know their case, actually start fumbling across the Bar conveying an impression of confusion and driving the matter towards failure. 

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