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Love & God

By on December 21, 2017
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Love & God

The two sides of the same coin can be understood through an unending quest for knowledge

The concept of God is often mistaken with idol worship which has its own sacrosanct purpose and object behind it. God is an eternal phenomenon, like love.
Osho, the greatest saint known for his philosophy of questioning all answers, stated that God and love are two names for one energy. Energy is something which can only be perceived. It is not an object to be seen physically through the naked eye. It is always a process, dynamic, moving, river-like, but not something which can simply be demarcated. Many times, on account of a mistake and belief, we confuse energy with vibrations or situations. 
Sometimes, we have a misconception that we have ‘grown up’. Osho says there should never come a moment when you think you have ‘grown up’. One grows to the last moment of life, and even in death.
When someone says he/she has stopped growing or has grown enough, it is a sign of being dead. After all, that it is not real living. 
Living a real life, in all dimensions, is something different. It is living with a thirst for knowledge. An all-knowing attitude never contributes to knowledge. Learning is a lifelong process. As a person learns more, he gets richer. 

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