Of purity & naturality

By on May 08, 2018
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Of purity & naturality

Eating and drinking healthy every day will help you live a clear, wholesome life

Have we forgotten what it means to live purely and happily? Our life and daily activities revolve around congested, polluted and even unhygienic places. I presume each one has a bath every day. Some might skip a bath out of their own choice or on account of the drought, but surely each of us would claim to live a cosmetic life of purity. 

In the present day, where the temperature in some places in India ranges from 42-50 degrees centigrade, people without air conditioners use coolers, and many villages in India use butter milk or chaas for internal cooling. Compared to the artificial upbringing in western countries and many of our metropolitan and urbanised places, village life in India is not disconnected with Mother Nature. All villages have either butter milk or a rice kunji to help the soothing coolness germinate over their bodies and beat the heat of the summer. 

This nectarine drink of chaas makes a current pass through the body as you drink it. In Northern India, some drink a whole matka of two litres or so. Can you imagine 60 per cent of the population, mostly youth and children, lead a reckless life of gulping down fast food, drinks and other harmful food containing dangerous chemicals that destroy our precious health? 

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