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By on November 20, 2019
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We must find our purpose, but without harming or judging others

Several issues crop up during the festival season. Sometimes our words or deeds end up hurting others. We must be careful when choosing our words. It is not simply said that a word is more powerful than a sword. A sword can cause a wound that can be healed, but the injury from words lasts an eternity.

If knowingly or unknowingly we hurt people with our words, then we must first try and heal these wounds. Healing of emotional wounds is the foundation of any type of healing.

The universe is not a storehouse, nor does it comprise static elements or separate objects. It is a single organism of interconnected energy fields in a constant state of becoming. All of us are capable of disserving the invisible message of God. It only depends on the sincerity of our approach. The most profound miracles, deepest healing and the greatest love always surround us in our lifetime.

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