Being Positive

By on March 17, 2020
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Rid yourself of negativity and be healthy. Happiness will make its way to you

Human sensory organs have their own capabilities. While they can see and hear at a particular distance or up to a particular decibel, the total surrounding sound and light frequency range is higher. It simply means there are things in the vicinity that we are unable to hear or see.

Common human desires are to be seen, to be heard and to be loved. While we cannot hear or see certain things, does it mean we should ignore it or should we bother ourselves with them? Unless we keep our body and mind strong and clear by being in good health, rather than being caught in the storm of emotions, we will not be able to live to the optimum level.

We need to be still and not be carried away or caught up in the storm. This means that we need to have a good perspective to change our lifestyle. We need to do this until we fill ourselves with love and in turn send it to the outer world. We need not expect anything in return. How others treat us is their own part. Having expectations or reacting is our part. The universe is waiting for you to allow universal energies to flow through you unrestricted, and if we do this, we can see the greatest magic all round.

We have a great misconception that we came to live on this earth, that we own this and that. Things become clearer when we realise that between birth and death – the period we call life – we just happen to pass through Mother Earth. Yet, in this short journey, we worry too much, think too much and allow ourselves at times to be governed by others’ opinions. We cannot find offence in everything done by others. What we are today is on account of the choices we make. We can make a choice that will take us wherever we want to be. Some of us even have anxiety and panic attacks and unnecessarily disturb our nervous system, and upon consultation tend to enrich the pharmaceutical industry. 

Instead, we should meditate, relax, walk, play, breathe in, hold the breath and exhale. Repeat this a few times and you will feel energised. Every morning, we need to thank the universe for all the good things in our life, including those we do not know about yet. This will help us to get rid of inner resistance, and bring us in line with what is unfolding, by being in perfect tune with the greater forces of life. 

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