The power of the Goddess

By on June 08, 2017
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The power of the Goddess

Female divinity is important in Indian tradition and symbolises beauty, strength and grace

In this universe with unfathomable mysteries, the grace of the Goddess symbolises the path that would attract boundless wealth – Beauty, Power and Grace. Since time memorial, we have perceived the presence of a force in nature and identified it as ‘God’ or ‘Goddess’. 

Goddess worship is as important. You can never approach the Divine unless you invoke the Divine Feminine. Hinduism believes that a soul currently in a man’s body may later appear in a female’s body through reincarnation. Goddess of Wisdom Sarasvati, Goddess of Fortune Laxmi, and the great River Goddesses Ganga and Yamuna all personify Supreme Power.

The energy of the God Head called the Shakti manifests differently and is even worshipped and understood differently by various sects. In the vastness of India’s cultural and spiritual landscape, many traditions that recognise the worship of a Goddess have continued for a period of time.

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