Road to Recovery

By on September 15, 2021
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The novel coronavirus shocked many in Goa, but amid the fear there are tales of recovery. A few well-known personalities across the state, share their COVID stories

Sickness is seen as a weakness that stops you, but recovery is an elixir that gives you strength and hope. Sunil Chhetri’s road to recovery tells us that healing can help you overcome anything that weakens you.

During the second wave of COVID-19, Goa witnessed many devastating stories, but there are tales of recovery that serve as beacons amid the shadows of sorrow. Among the recoveries reported, there are some known names.

Police personnel were on the forefront to maintain law and order after the imposition of section 144. Director general of Police Goa Mukesh Kumar Meena, tested positive while executing his duties and tackled it as successfully as he handles his work.

Doctors are frontline warriors. While most stepped up to help patients recover, some were forced to battle the virus themselves. Well-known cardiologist Dr Digambar Naik has won many awards and held various positions in the field. His current achievement has been recovering from COVID-19. .

Eyes are gifts that help you see the beautiful world. Leading ophthalmic surgeon Dr Ameet Kaisare has helped people sustain their vision. He battled COVID-19 during the first wave 

and recovered.

The services of government authorities are essential. Executive director of Sports Authority of Goa V M Prabhudesai, a former sportsperson who has stood strong on the field, used this similar zeal to recover from COVID.  

Politicians and social workers have been on the move helping people in dire straits. Vice president of the Aam Aadmi Party in Goa Pratima Coutinho, is known as a warrior. Besides fighting many battles during her social work, she also fought COVID-19 and recovered. 

Journalists have had a hectic year reporting stories about COVID-19. Editor of Prudent Media Pramod Acharya keeps people updated with timely interviews, debates and ground reports. He tested positive when the second wave had just begun. But like his interviews with known personalities in Goa, he faced it head on.   

While people start their day with politics, they end it with sports. Football is the most preferred sport in the state. FC Goa star Seriton Fernandes has been known for defending many goals during his stint at the Indian Super League. His brilliance paved a path for a debut as part of India’s squad for FIFA qualifiers. Unfortunately, he tested positive in May.

We speak to these personalities about their COVID recovery stories.  

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