364 Days of Transformation

By on July 15, 2014
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One of the first questions you’ll probably ask yourself when you first spot Kishore M Shah’s book, ‘364 Days of Transformation’, is that what happened to the 365th day? Shah, who is an accomplished organisation development professional with more than 15 years of experience, attempts to look beyond the 365th day, or rather the first day.

The premise of this management book is that practically every organisation takes up some form of activity for employees, whether in the form of a goal-setting programme or an off-site vision workshop. These activities most definitely bring employees together, address different challenges and help them set up goals for themselves and their team, but what happens after that? Upon returning to the office, whatever the learnings, it is hardly translated into action for the remaining days of the year. It is these remaining 364 days of the year that this book is targeted towards. 

Shah adopts a very conversational tone in parts of the book and through the use of anecdotes and personal experience leads readers to the point he is trying to make, which then picks up on the management context. 
Shah uses flowcharts wherever required to illustrate his point. The book also provides readers space to make their own points, as well as handy ‘Thoughts to Reflect’, ‘Tips and Techniques’, and recommended supplementary reading at the end of each chapter.

Over the course of the 15 chapters in the book, Shah guides readers through a host of concepts, each being built upon the previous, which means you can’t just hop onto a chapter and start reading from there. This also means that for those who like to take breaks between reading, you might have to flip back through some pages if you’ve forgotten the part that’s being referred to. 

While 364 Days of Transformation might seem like a self-help book to help you through the year, it’s actually a management book at its heart, dealing with the individual and the organisation. As such, it’s meant for Human Resource professionals and management who are completely at home with all the lingo that a B-school would throw at them. 

There’s enough ‘domestic’ references and anecdotes in terms of India and Goa to keep you interested and not relegate ‘364 Days of Transformation’ to the numerous management books that line bookshelves these days.  

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