Regime for the Rains

By on July 28, 2015
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Just because it’s pouring outside, doesn’t mean you are forced to take a three-month break from outdoor exercise! Find out how to stay healthy even on those days when you want to curl up in bed and sleep

With a drop in temperature and plush greenery dotting the area, the monsoons bring joy and happiness to all. But to diehard outdoor exercise freaks, the first drops of rain may well spell doom for their fitness regimen with unpredictable showers playing spoilsport just as they buckle up for a jog in the park!

The rain, thunder, pleasant weather, fragrance of wet mud and the chirping of birds is bound to create positive vibes, and so I wouldn’t recommend you stop exercising during the monsoon months. So, what do you do?
First, keep a check on what you eat. Realise that the rains are associated with spicy and fried foods and mugs of steaming hot tea and coffee which can ultimately result in weight gain. Compounded by an irregular workout, this can make you pile on the kilos by the end of the three-month monsoon period. So, stick to healthy eating as you

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work up an appetite with 10 monsoon exercise tips:

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