Finding Frogs

By on September 10, 2015
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A team of scientists has identified a new species of frog peculiar to this region, naming it fejervarya gomantaki after Goa

In the lowland areas of the Western Ghats’ intricate ecosystems in Goa and the hilly tracts of Belgaum,
it is quite common to hear the tinkling ‘trick, trick’ 12-14 note chorus call from mud pools, paddy fields
and local water bodies on monsoon evenings.

Many are mating calls from terrestrial frogs near water bodies to attract females. Although most are terrestrial, they need water bodies to breed in. These frogs belong to the amphibian genus ‘Fejervarya’ of the dicroglossidae family and are commonly known as either ‘cricket frogs’ or ‘fejervaryan frogs’. They range in size from a tiny 19 mm to as large as 56 mm and are distributed throughout Asia. Most fejervaryan frogs are morphologically very similar and difficult to identify on the basis of their external characters alone, creating taxonomic uncertainty in terms of names, identification and systematics.

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