The Brilliance of Fancy Coloured Diamonds

By on October 14, 2014
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Diamonds are all about glamour and glitter. So it is no surprise that they have been used over the centuries to profess everlasting love, to gain favours and even worn as a protective talisman.

In present times, Mumbai-based Chintamanis has created its own couture jewellery collection using the rarest of rare coloured diamonds.

 For every 10,000 white diamonds mined, only one coloured diamond is mined.Fancy coloured certified diamonds are not only diamonds of great beauty, rarity and pride, but also a good investment as the prices that the stones fetch in auctions grow manifold.

Natural pink diamonds are one of the rarest and most desired. Natural pink diamonds are caused by an imperfection in the diamond’s crystal lattice. 

Natural blue diamonds are formed when traces of boron is present at the time of the creation of the diamond. The colour can range from light blue to a navy blue. 

Natural yellow diamonds are caused by infusion of traces of nitrogen during the natural formation of the diamond. The colour intensity of a natural yellow diamonds is graded by GIA as faint yellow, light yellow, fancy yellow, fancy intense yellow and fancy vivid yellow (the same grading applies for pink, light pink, fancy intense pink vivid pink)
In case of the blues, besides the faint, fancy, vivid and intense colours there is also a grey-blue.
Diamonds can be treated artificially and made to the desired colour, but these can easily be identified during certification, they cost far less and are not worthy of investment. GIA clearly mentions ‘natural’ when the stone is naturally coloured. It is then very rare and thus valuable.

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