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The village of Betqui in North Goa tells the tale of a goddess who came forth from water

The temple panchayatan of Betqui in Ponda has the usual cluster of temples dedicated to Shree Sateri and Shree Ravalnath, the gram devi being Goddess Sateri. However the most elaborate temple is dedicated to Goddess Shree Mandodari Devi. Logically, one assumes that somehow this Goan temple is worshipping the wife of Ramayana villain Ravana. The features of the stone icon too differ from most icons in Goan temples.
Was she really Ravan’s wife? And how did this goddess Mandodari Devi make her way into a Goan temple?
An interaction with Ganesh Savoikar, senior purohit (priest) of the Shree Mandodari Temple, cleared all the doubts. Betqui is particularly blessed with many water bodies which are always filled to the brim, so much so that the villagers have never drawn water with a pulley and rope from a well. Only one well exists in the village, with steps leading down to the water level which is quite high.

The source of all the springs in the village is probably a lake, which even in the peak of summers abounds in water. About 850 years ago, in this village blessed by plenty of water, there lived the widow of a Brahmin along with their son and daughter.

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