Blown Away By Combat Cage Fight Night

By on February 16, 2015
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India’s only entertainment-fight experience took breaths away at its debut at Tito’s Courtyard in Baga, Goa

There were nervous whispers as spectators awaited the start of India’s debut Combat Cage Fight Night, but these soon turned to cheering, whistles and hoots. Tito’s Courtyard in Baga was a milling crowd of around 1,500 excited guests as the first name in entertainment sport in the country got underway on January 18 this year.

Following an electric ambience at the weigh-ins at Café Mambo in Baga on Saturday, January 17, the fighters gave the crowd a nail-biting experience as they played deadly games in a locked steel cage. 

From across India, 12 fighters went head-to-head in single combat, with six bouts that mentally and physically challenged each of them to their limits.

Combat cage fighting is a safe, regulated, competitive sport that involves a combination of martial arts techniques within the restrictions of a confined space. The first-of-its-kind event in India intertwined a show of the complexity of technical self-defence skills with the pulsating vibe of a nightclub experience. 

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