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Nitya Kamat

By on September 20, 2017
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Nitya Kamat

First rank holder, SSC

The student of A J de Almeida High School in Ponda aimed for 94 per cent, but her dedication and positive thinking fetched her 96.83 per cent, topping the SSC exams this year. Nitya Kamat speaks to Viva Goa about her future plans

My strategy for the SSC exams…
It is said that creation without strategy is art whereas creation with a strategy is advertising. I don’t really believe in making strategies. What really worked for me was regular revision, constant practice, consistent monitoring of my mistakes and clearing self-doubts.

My parents…
Were both were really very happy. After my exams, I told them I would score around 94 per cent and they were expecting a similar result. So 96.83 per cent was a very sweet surprise for them. They appreciated my efforts but also told me not to get carried away instead work still harder to achieve greater heights in future.

Balancing studies and leisure…
For a person like me studying continuously for hours together is next to impossible. I always needed breaks between lessons; some leisure time to chat with friends, play games, listen to music, read, watch TV or just enjoy some alone time. These short breaks were enough to refresh my mind and help me focus better on my studies.

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