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Shobhaa De at Sharada Mandir graduation

By on August 18, 2018
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Celebrity author and columnist Shobhaa De presented meritorious students at Sharada Mandir High School, Miramar, with awards during the institute’s graduation ceremony.

She said, “You can’t win every race, and it doesn’t matter whether you do or don’t”, adding, “Graduation is like the first day you step into a new world, a world which can be brutal, harsh, and judgmental. But if you have values instilled in you by your teachers, parents and family, your journey will be easier.”

She said it was easy to be a good person when not faced with conflict. “Moral dilemmas in troubling times define character,” she pointed out.

De recalled Oprah Winfrey, who said: ”Don’t ever confuse what is legal with what is moral because they are entirely different animals. In life, you’re either principled or you’re not. So do the right thing, especially when nobody’s looking.” She maintained, “It is important to do the right thing when we are faced with something that may have a gigantic popularity vote, that may be what your peers or society think is the right thing,” adding that each  should know what is right and wrong.

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